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Systemize IT Limited is a provider of leading-edge product development and management solutions for insurance and other financial services organisations. Our 'designed for purpose' solutions create enterprise efficiencies by helping organisations to develop the right product at the right time for the right customers whilst facilitating key strategic objectives, such as product lifecycle management, dynamic product configuration and product rationalisation.

Systemize IT's founders are former long-time members of the IBM IAA (Insurance Application Architecture) team that contributed to the original definition of the Product Modelling Concepts.

Our goal is to help our customers take a step in the right direction, and enable them to get quality products to market faster. PMW together with product aware policy administration systems will do just that. We believe that a stepwise approach provides the best motivation for insurance companies to get ahead with product at the heart of their systems.

We help insurance carriers to significantly improve the process of developing new products and managing the existing product portfolio. Innovation in product design and features has become the most important differentiator for insurance companies, and we enhance the creative process by providing the means to visualise the product design using a building block approach. Our unique set of techniques brings the additional benefits of re-usability and a standardised language of communication, thus improving collaboration and speed to market.

Systemize IT was founded in 2008 and is based in the UK, with a development team in the Netherlands, and has an international customer base.

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